We have defined aims and objectives in 4 Focal Areas


Usra Academy will provide an environment and every facility to ensure each child…

  • memorises a significant portion of the Qur'an
  • learns to effectively practice the deen 
  • imbibes the consciousness of Allah
  • is equipped with knowledge and skills to face the spiritual challenges of an ever changing world
  • learns to give da’awa 
  • learns dialogue 


Our goal is to teach the curriculum in a manner that is;

  • achievement and performance driven
  • in line with national and international standards
  • emphasises scientific and innovative thought
  • gives the students every opportunity to express themselves

Life skills

Each Usra student would have, at graduation from secondary school, mastered a trade or skill with which he can earn a living.

Community Participation

Each Usra student becomes an active participant in community development activities.

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